24 June 2010

Weekly Market Report – Page 33 Edition

It has never not rained on a Thursday before (in 2010)(seemingly). How exciting are today’s two Markets? Every week in NW Portland, Food Front sponsors our not so brand new market (now that Monday’s Pioneer Square Courthouse has opened). Located at NW 23rd & Savier, this week Baird will there with cherries, New Leaf has raw foods tasty enough to make people who don’t get the raw food thing forget all that and just  enjoy the flavors. Grand Central has bread, Fairview cheese will return & if you think it is too late to get something in the ground, Blue Heron has herb starts. WAG has eggs in the NW. And Buckman has eggs too. And they have wee eggs. Beginning this week Reister Farm has quail eggs; $ 6 for a dozen – make all the tiny omelet jokes you want but a quail eggs taste good and look good on a plate. This week’s Buckman Market is the last day for Hansen nursery stock. Berries are aplenty- Liepold, Valley Berry, Unger and cherries too from Packer Orchards.

Cherries, Allison Jones

Saturday, Todd Koebke of Sabin Schellenberg will appear on Chef at the Market stage with our Allison Jones. The very same Allison Jones who has a photo credit on page 33 of this Month’s Sunset Magazine. Victory Estates and Jim Dixon will be dueling with Olive Oils. Seems like the cherries just got here and already there are rumors of peaches coming in from Gala springs! Janna’s Flowers & The Berry Patch: Oregon’s the nation’s 3rd largest producer of blueberries (we’re number one in blackberries); berries of all colors are trickling into our Markets as June closes out.

Sunday the hood is good. Well, the 18th annual Good in the Neighborhood Festival will be taking place in the usual spot where Sunday’s King Market takes place. Fear not, the King Market will take place on the same day with the usual vendors at the regular time (10-2) – only in the North parking lot. More food, more fun, more music and more activities to better enjoy what will be a 10,000% better day weather-wise than last week’s Market. If you haven’t been to King yet, bring the family and come out and meet your neighbors this Sunday.

Monday will be week 2 of our the Pioneer Courthouse Square Market. For up to the moment information about all our Markets follow us on Facebook and Twitter.