29 July 2010

Weekly Market Report: Self-referential Edition

Watermelons turned up at Wednesday’s Shemanski Market. Saturday’s PSU Market could be in the melons too. Last week, PSU had 100s of fruits and veggies including okra, tomatoes, peaches, cherries, blueberries, new potatoes, green beans, zucchini/other summer squash, onions and garlic – garlic that is so fresh and tender it is waiting for a someone to memorialize it with Neruda-like Ode to Garlic, or at least cook with it. This week’s PSU Market should have all that plus more reasonable weather.

Little Fresh Courgette

If you live or work in NW Portland and haven’t quite nailed down dinner plans for tonight, stop by the NW 23 Market for something quick and easy. Twist wine, Grand Central bread, goat cheese, lettuce and a big juicy peach for dessert. Or Copper Crown Pesto, Spring Hill Gang’s new potatoes and a little something-something from Two Tarts. Or some other equally good combination of salty-sweet-nutritiously good foods – They are waiting for you at 23rd & Savier between 3-7 today.

Last week I took a trip to the Buckman Market to watch Katherine Deumling make some zucchini fritters, which looked like a perfectly good thing to do to a zucchini. Katherine did such a good job they tasted  better than I thought a zucchini ever could.  This week’s market has plenty of zucchini but no Katherine, you can learn how to shop the Market with Katherine here. Next week, August 5th, there is a garden workshop about organic pest and weed control at the Buckman Market from 5:30-6:30.  Advance registration, this right here – GardenWorkshopFlierFullPage, is encouraged but not required.

As usual, King Market on Sunday. And what is better than coffee on a Sunday Morning?  Spunky Monkey Coffee – one of the 50+ businesses who have started at PFM and since expanded to a bricks and mortar business. Sip your coffee, go early and get eggs, bread and cheese for brunch or roll in late eat a baked good and get a little something to grill your weekend dinner. As far as Sunday activities go, King beats the trip to IKEA.

Busy week on our blog: Russ Parsons answered 5 questions about fruit, Executive Director Ann Forsthoefel asked readers to get involved with Senate Bill 510, tomorrow a feature on Zoe’s Pickles – Plus a recipe. Next week, we’ll checking in with Susan Bliss to see how she is spending all the Market tokens she won in last year’s raffle and maybe a new video. Make it a habit to surf on by our blog or for more up to the minute information, Facebook and Twitter are there to keep you in the moment – come on all the kids are doing it.