18 March 2016

What’s Fresh at PSU 3/19

Spring is here and it shows! You can find a variety of spring greens, nettles, rhubarb and fresh flowers at market this week.

Here are a few other highlights:

  • Kickstart your allergy treatment with tinctures from Mickleberry Gardens. Also be sure to stop by Boyco Foods and ask all about how honey plays a part in alleviating allergies.
  • Grab some of the season’s first rhubarb from Winters Farm and Deep Roots Farm.
  • Brighten up your house with fresh flowers from Early Mom, Lucky Farms, Favorite Produce of Oregon and a variety of produce vendors.
  • Say hello to new vendor Rick’s Mushrooms. Rick offers a variety of fresh and dried wild mushrooms and is happy to provide recommendations.
  • Pick up some sweet treats from Petunia’s Pies & Pastries, back this week. These treats are gluten free and vegan but you’d never know it (or care)! Be sure to ask for a punch card because you’ll want to go back again and again!
  • Stop by Rising Stone Farm, new to PSU this year. Rising Stone is an urban specialty farm located along Johnson Creek that grows a variety of flavor and medicinal herbs from around the world, including Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Blue Vervain among others.
  • Have you gone through your stash of frozen blueberries from last summer? No problem! Stop by Springbank Farm‘s booth and pick up some blueberry wine and frozen berries to help tide you over until next season.

Out this week:

  • Pasta del sol (fresh pasta) – back March 26
  • Alma Chocolates – back March 26
  • Freddy Guys Hazelnuts – back March 26
  • Stonebarn Brandyworks (spirits) – back March 26
  • Minto Island Growers (tea) – back April 2
  • Nut-Tricious Foods (nut butters) – back April 2
  • Oregon Walnuts – back April 2
  • Eastside Distilling (spirits) – back April 9
  • Raynblest Farm (honey) – back April 16