15 April 2016

What’s Fresh at PSU 4/16: Early Season Strawberries!

While the early bird may get the worm, this week the early shopper will get the strawberries! As the weather warms up and we get further into spring, berries will become more plentiful. But until that happens, be sure and get to market early this week if you want some of the season’s early strawberries. Both Groundwork Organics and Rick Steffen Farm will have limited quantities this week.

But that’s not all! Read on to find out what else is fresh and exciting at the PSU Market this week:

  • Salad greens are plentiful at the market and perfect for picnics and dinners as the weather warms up. You can find bulk spinach and asian salad greens, lettuce and other delicate greens from Spring Hill Organic Farm.
  • You can’t miss asparagus at the market this time of the year! It’s at its best when it’s picked fresh so if you’ve been waiting for your chance to get it at its peak, be sure to stop by Winters Farm, Springbank Farm, Rick Steffen Farm, Lucky Farms, Favorite Produce of Oregon or Chang Family Farm. Surely there is enough to go around!
  • Sample and then bring home a jar of Groundwork Organics green garlic powder. This stuff looks so good it’s bound to fly off the shelf!
  • House Spirits Distillery is back for their monthly market appearance. Be sure to pick up a bottle of gin, vodka or whiskey and then head over to Starvation Alley Farms or Blossom Vinegars for mixers and a few recipe ideas!
  • Jacobsen Salt Co. is bringing their popular collection of hand-harvest sea salt and some salty snacks. They’re only at market once a month so be sure to stop by and stock up!
  • Rhubarb is in abundance at market and perfect when paired in a dessert with, say strawberries! Many vendors will have some, including Deep Roots Farm, Winters Farm and Groundwork Organics
  • Greenhouse tomatoes from Salmon Creek Farm are now available which means you can add fresh BLTs to your weekly menu again!
  • Stop by Sun Gold Farm, Spring Hill Organic Farm or Minto Island Growers to pick up herb, veggie and tea starts for your garden this year.

Out this week:

  • Temptress Truffles (returning 4/23)
  • La Terra Vita (returning 4/23)
  • Mio’s Delectables (returning 4/30)
  • Eatin’ Alive (returning 5/7)
  • Food Waves (returning 5/7)
  • Unger Farms (returning 5/7)
  • Tastebud (returning 6/4)
  • Simon Sampson Salmon (date TBD)