07 August 2018

Celebrate Our Local Farmers Markets

It’s National Farmers Market Week! It also happens to be the peak of the summer and the selection at your local market is unbelievably bright, colorful and delicious—all thanks to the dedicated efforts of our local farming friends. What better time then to celebrate all the things that farmers markets contribute to our community?

Farmers markets are more than just a place to buy food. Take it from our friends at the Farmers Market Coalition who said:

“When farmers and farmers markets thrive, so do we. From vibrant community gathering places, to increased access to fresh produce, to protecting our land and water with sustainable farming practices: we are all better off when they succeed. And for these hard-working farmers to succeed, they count on their neighbors to shop regularly at farmers markets.”

We’d also like to tip our chef hats to the hard-working business owners who support our farmers by sourcing local ingredients to make their pies, hot sauces, preserves and much more. Their dedication makes the market a better place and keeps our regional economy strong.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of farmers markets.