07 June 2016

Cookbook Feature: English Pea And White Bean Salad

Cookbook contributor Kathleen Deumling of Cook With What You Have was recently featured on OPB’s website with a demonstration of her English Pea and White Bean Salad, found on page 24 of the Portland Farmers Market Cookbook.

Here is a sneak peek of the write up; be sure to click through to the article to watch Katherine in action and to learn more about the elusive English pea at our markets.

“The cookbook demonstrates that devotion to the oft-cited principle “simple treatment of quality local ingredients” does not consign us to unsophisticated or throwback-regional clichéed dishes. Contributor Katherine Deumling works unexpected alchemy on humble garden shelling peas and small white beans. Deumling develops recipes to inspire Community Supported Agriculture subscribers (what’s in the box this week and what can I do with it?) and other everyday cooks focused on local ingredients. English Pea And White Bean Salad With Spring Herb Chimichurri reflects her motto, also the name of her business — Cook With What You Have.”

Find the recipe and the full video here.

Photo Credit: John Rosman/OPB – All Rights Reserved