17 January 2017

Vendor Profile: Greenville Farms

Greenville Farms is a 45-acre family farm owned by Sid and Louann Bone that sits just outside of Banks, Oregon, about 25 miles from Portland. They have been a vendor at the PSU Market since 2010 and sell a variety of winter produce, sausages, eggs, sauerkraut, jam and prunes.

The farm is not certified organic, but they do follow organic farming practices such as crop rotation and organic-approved pest control methods to prevent disease and pest outbreaks. Their goal is to farm in a responsible manner to ensure the health of the environment, their family and customers.

Greenville Farms has five employees and their PSU Market booth is managed by their son Dustin and employee Lilia.

Stop by their booth in January and February and be sure to try their sausages and homemade jams, all made on site at their farm – you won’t be disappointed.

For more information about Greenville Farms, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.