13 June 2023

New Vendors at Kenton Farmers Market!

Welcome four new fabulous vendors to the 12th season of Kenton Farmers Market!

Pictured above clockwise: Big Jalm, La Petite Ferme, and Doña Lola.

Visit Kenton Farmers Market this upcoming Wednesday (and every Wednesday through September 27) 3 – 7 pm to welcome these new PFM vendors!

From flavorful microgreens to chocolate-dipped marshmallows, there is something for everyone!

  1. Big Jalm : Sustainable, small-batch seasonal fruit jams crafted in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Also at PSU, King and Lents International Farmers Market.
  2. Doña Lola : Started at Kenton in the later part of the 2022 season, Doña Lola serves up authentic Guatemalan food – pupusas, cabbage salad, pico de gallo, and fresh pressed pineapple juice.
  3. La Petite Ferme : Portland-based local farm specializing in flavorful, nutrient-dense microgreen varieties grown year-round and cut fresh for the market. Also at King Farmers Market.
  4. Sweet Whimsy : Creating handcrafted confections and baked goods.

Please note not all of the vendors are scheduled for every market. 

To find out when specific vendors will be at the market, visit the Kenton Farmers Market page, scroll down to the “Market Vendors” section, select the market date you want to view, then click on the “Show Vendors” dropdown.

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We hope to see you at the market!