24 April 2023

It’s the 2023 Crop of New Vendors at PSU Farmers Market!

We are excited to welcome 12 new vendors to the PSU Farmers Market for our 31st year! 

Pictured above: Amza Superfood, Dos Hermanos Bakery, MATTA CAFFÈ, Fist Bap, GRANA, Big Jalm, Euzumeh, Blue Bully Pepper Sauce, and Goat Goddess Soap Co.

Visit the PSU Farmers Market this Saturday (and every Saturday through the end of October) 8:30 am – 2 pm, welcome these new members of the PFM community and sample & purchase their offerings. 

There is something for everyone, from Tibetan Tsamba Balls to red pepper feta dip to goat milk soap!

  1. Amza Superfoods: Offering healthy, tasty spreads, snacks and breakfast items featuring two Tibetan stables: Flaxseed and Purple Karma Barley.
  2. Big Jalm: Sustainable, small-batch seasonal fruit jams crafted in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.
  3. Blue Bully Pepper Sauce: Named after their blue-nose American Bully, Blue Bully Pepper grows peppers on their urban farm to craft fruit-based BBQ sauces, pickled vegetables, and hot sauces.
  4. Dos Hermanos Bakery: Focused on making the finest artisan bread, pastries, and a variety of unique specialties highlighting flavors and traditions from the brothers’ origins in the Yucatan. 
  5. Euzumeh: Middle-Eastern dips, pickles, and pita bread with a Pacific Northwest flare inspired by time spent in the kitchen with her Jordanian family.
  6. Fist Bap: Offering made-to-order Joo Muk Bap, Korean specialty made with fried tofu, spicy pork, Korean fried chicken, or bulgogi beef.  
  7. Goat Goddess Soap Co: All-natural soaps made on a small farm in Canby from the milk of their three goats.
  8. GRANA: Serving up authentic Neapolitan pizza – the pizza a portfolio. Made-to-order with locally sourced ingredients, folded in four and served in a wrapper.
  9. Kefi Coffee Roasters: Small-batch specialty coffee roasters focused on working directly with farmers at the beginning of the value chain to identify the most tangible needs and ensure adequate compensation.
  10. Lucinda’s: Featuring a variety of plant-based soup and veggie burger mixes made of real food ingredients.
  11. MATTA CAFFÈ: Serving coffee beverages made from single-origin beans grown on the Matta family farm in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia.
  12. Sibeiho: Their small-batch, all-natural, locally made Sambal chili sauces transport you to the tastes, sights, and textures of Singapore (with Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Nonya culinary influences).

Please note not all of the vendors are scheduled for every market. To find out when specific vendors will be at market, visit the PSU Farmers Market page, scroll down to the “Market Vendors” section, select the market date you want to view, then click on the “Show Vendors” dropdown. You can see who will be at the market and where they will be located.

Next month, we’ll publish a blog post about the new vendors coming to King and Shemanski Park farmers markets.  Until then, see you at the market!