16 April 2024

It’s the 2024 Crop of New Vendors at PSU Farmers Market!

We are thrilled to announce that nine new vendors are joining us for the 32nd year of the PSU Farmers Market! 

Pictured above are a few of the vendors we welcome to the market this season. L to R: Bottles of Catman Cellars wine, Unbound Pickling, bottles of Bird Creek whiskey, Grounds, Black Girl Veggies, breakfast sandwich by Pony.Pony Pastries, and Foglia.

Come and say hello to the new members of our community and sample and purchase their products.

There is something for everyone, from acai bowls to plant-based ground meat to whiskey:

  1. Alpaca Country Estates: A farm located in Central Oregon offering alpaca meat and yarn.
  2. Bird Creek Distillery: A local distillery focused on creating a high-quality single malt American whiskey exclusively using Pacific Northwest heirloom barley.
  3. Carioca Bowls: Specializing in handcrafted açaí bowls made with as many organic and local ingredients as possible.
  4. cloudforest: A chocolate and confection company founded and operated in Portland, Oregon, and solely owned by an Ecuadorian immigrant. Their production methods are labor intensive, from roasting the cacao beans to packaging. 
  5. Grounds: Grounds provides healthy, flavorful, and accessible plant-based meat and cheese alternative products to supplement any lifestyle.
  6. Honeybee Sparkling Lemonades and Syrups: All-natural artisan honey lemonade syrups with unique and creative flavor profiles, free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and sweeteners.
  7. Pony.Pony Pastries: A King Farmers Market favorite—now at PSU, too! Serving up made-to-order hot breakfast sandwiches on handmade English muffins. (English muffins are available for purchase as well!)
  8. Tailfeather Farm:  Farm in Walla Walla, Washington, raising turkeys on a seasonal pasture, specifically for the late Fall holidays.
  9. Unbound Pickling: Their mission is to create the perfect pickle, using seasonal vegetables and herbs to develop small batched pickled goodness from their home in Portland, Oregon.

We would be remiss not to mention new vendors that have been added to the PSU Farmers Market roster in the Winter 2024 season! (They all will be at market during the regular 2024 season!)

  1. Black Girl Veggies: Another popular vendor from King and Shemanski Park Farmers, Chef Sho, makes vegan fried chck’n made-to-order with locally sourced oyster mushrooms and ingredients. Her “Soul Bowl” has a big fan following.
  2. Catman Cellars: A boutique Oregon winery offering artisanal, micro-batch wines like whites, Pinot Noirs and big reds. 
  3. Cottage Hill Dairy: Producing fresh goat milk and kefir products from their small farm in Oregon City. They follow sustainable practices and use locally sourced feeds and green pastures to nourish their goats.
  4. Foglia: Fresh ravioli, pasta, and sauce handmade with old-world Italian techniques, fused with local Pacific Northwest ingredients for a fresh and colorful twist.
  5. Tostado Coffee Roasters: Local coffee roaster that carefully sources sustainable Fair Trade Mexican varietals green beans. Their mission is to support farmers & indigenous communities while sharing Mexican culture.

Please note not all of the mentioned vendors will be at every PSU Farmers Market in the 2024 season. To find out when specific vendors will be at the market, visit the PSU Farmers Market page, scroll down to the “Market Vendors” section, select the market date you want to view, and click the “Show Vendors” dropdown. You can see who will be at the market and where they will be.

We’ll publish a blog post next month about the new vendors coming to King and Shemanski Park Farmers Markets. 

Until then, see you at the market!